Never would I have imagined I would become a woodworker growing up! I thought I wanted to be a lawyer but after graduating with a law degree, I couldn't continue to pursue that career path due to financial difficulties. However, it was a blessing in disguise that brought me on this journey.
I decided to go against the grain and break away from the corporate world. It wasn't an easy transition but fast forward to 2019, I established Malaysia's First Women's Woodworking Workshop as part of ADIAIDA and have taught over 500 women of all ages from all walks of life. Now I am flying solo and hope to share my skills and experiences so you can learn woodworking too.

When I'm not covered in sawdust glitter, I enjoy practising yoga or tending to my balcony garden for my mental, physical and emotional health. Oh let's not forget spending time with my adopted furbabies Snap, Ara, Gandalf and Chewie 😽

I can't wait to build with you 💪🏽